I'm Frederick. I don't bite

My art is not worse than my bite. I take it seriously (although I do have some fun with it).

Whether you are looking for someone to capture a moment in your life, a moment in time, a special event or some special art to liven up the room, you came to the right place.


In addition to many styles of Photography, I am also a Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Artist in both digital and traditional media. I can help you with almost any project from a Book/Report Cover to a Billboard.

Let's talk and I'll be honest with you about the project.


There are hundreds of talented Photographers, Artists, Designers around, each with their own style and passion. I encourage you to find the right fit for you. Meet with several people and listen to them. Do they ask the right questions? Do they understand what you need? Are they even listening? Do they just own a camera or do they REALLY know how to use it?

After a few of those then talk to me. Maybe you'll find the "right fit" right here. Maybe not. At the very least I will listen.

Of course if you're short on time then just hire me and let's get started!


Where My Photography is Featured

One of my photographs is featured on the Gallery page of this software company among some very good company: suflow-inset

Featured in the gallery of SlickPic.comAna Popovic_slickpic

You can find my photos prominently shown on many Facebook profiles and marketing media for local musicians.